Arahealth is the Health Cluster of Aragón (Spain). It comprises over 30 agents from the health sector, both private and public: manufacturers, distributors, service providers and training and research centres who bring an innovative portfolio of added value produtcs and services to their customers within the health sector.

With associates representing the main agents of the health value chain (from research organisations to end-users), Arahealth works to create alliances and detect synergies between our different members and between them and members from other clusters, boosting innovative ideas though developing collaborative projects and enhancing their competitiveness.


It's main objective is to promote and improve the competitiveness of Aragón's health sector, to be able to deal properly with the globalization improving the innovation in its enterprises and the general conditions of the sector in Aragón.

The five strategic objectives are :

  • To develop new high value products adapted to the client and market necessities
  • To improve and make more efficient production processes
  • To open new markets and increase the turnover in the known ones
  • To improve individual competitiveness through sinergies between our members
  • To increase the notoriety of Arahealth and promote the collaboration with other national or international clusters.

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Eurobiomed was founded in 2009 by regional stakeholders, Eurobiomed is the Life Science cluster from Southern France. We gather more than 285 innovative biotech and medtech companies, as well as leading research institutes, hospitals and universities. We lead territorial initiatives and help our members businesses and research organisations to innovate, finance, develop and achieve their scientific and business objectives, to ultimately improve the treatment and the lives of patients.

Eurobiomed tops European rankings in all stages of innovation: education, basic, translational and clinical research, technological innovation centres, start-ups and industrial success stories. Some of Eurobiomed main assets are the number of people involved, but also the quality of the network and trust that is established between its members, which reinforces the interactions and facilitates collaborations.

Our missions:

  • Develop the Life Sciences network activity in the South of France (Animation of the innovation community, matchmaking and networking between members, organisation of more than 25 scientific and business events each year, advocacy to third parties (public authorities, international stakeholders), etc.).
  • Structuring public-private R&D projects to get funded (Monitoring calls for projects, Identification of public and private partners, Support for project building and financing, Project follow-up until market access).
  • Personalised support for life sciences companies growth (Corporate strategy, Fundraising, Business development and international markets, Regulatory compliance, Industrialisation and production, Acceleration programmes, Open innovation programmes, etc.).

Our business areas are new therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics & Imaging and Digital Health.

Eurobiomed is the leader of the European Diagnostic Cluster Alliance and is the first immunology cluster in Europe.

Visit the Eurobiomed website is a dynamic, member driven organisation with currently more than 350 members from Belgium and abroad. We help our members to create value by organising Networking and Training Activities, supporting Internationalisation, providing Services and building Expertise. and its members want to be the proud advocates of a reputable global-impact ecosystem in life sciences. is supported by a number of strategic partners: Flanders Investment & Trade,  IQVIA, Janssen Pharmaceutica, KBC Securities, Modis, PMV, PwC, QbD, Select, VIB and Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Science Park Tehnopol is a research and business campus with a mission of helping startups and SMEs to grow more quickly.

As the largest science park in the Baltics, they provide enterprises with both modern office spaces and top-notch counselling in developing business and entering export markets.

The smart research campus is forming one big campus area with Tallinn University of Technology. More than 200 innovative technology-based companies have found a home here as well as well-regarded technology companies such as Skype, Cybernetica, Starship Technologies, Ektaco, and SMIT.

Tehnopol is also the leader of Estonian Connected Health Cluster that brings together 80+ partners, including companies (start-ups, health IT, medtech, biotech, and pharma), R&D partners, health and wellness service providers, patient organisations and public sector. The partnership is committed to accelerating the adoption of connected health solutions, on an international scale and on commercial terms.

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Toscana life sciences & Tuscany life sciences cluster

Toscana Life Sciences Foundation (TLS) is a non-profit organization managing the Tuscany Life Sciences Cluster (TLSC), that maintains and keeps growing a competitive environment in life sciences in terms of research, clinical research, innovation and business activities. TLSC gathers about 200 organisations, of which about 30 are diagnostic companies out of about 100 operating in the medtech sector, together with research organisations (4 universities, 4 major university hospitals, several institutes of the National Research Council). TLS also supports the Tuscany Region Government in the development and management of innovative policies for the Regional Healthcare System and for S3 development and review regarding the life sciences sector. It manages the Tuscany Regional Office for the exploitation of Biomedical Research Results (UVaR) and it represents Tuscany in the National Life Science Cluster of Italy.

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